Who are we?

We're a group of people on a journey to find truths that matter, friends who care and a way of life that makes sense in a busy, ever-changing world. If that's what you're looking for, come check us out. We welcome people of every background, status, belief, habit, clothing style or life choice. You are welcome here. Or at least you will be welcome when we are able to re-open! For now we'd love to have a chat on the phone or connect on-line.

What is it like?

Coffee is on and waiting for you from 10AM on. Service starts at 10:30 with live music, prayer and a speaker who will explore scripture and show how the love of Jesus affects our lives today. Service usually lasts for 60 - 70 minutes.

What if it's my first time?

Whether it's your first time, or the first time in a long time, we're ready for your visit. In fact we've arranged our place to make sure it's easy for visitors. There's a welcome area right by the front door. The friendly people there have all kinds of useful information. They can help you with any questions, find you a seat, or show you to the washrooms. Whatever you need, they can help.

What do I wear?

You wear whatever you're comfortable in. If you can shop in it, you can wear it to church! But maybe don't wear socks with sandals–we won't judge you, but other people might.

Where do I park?

We have on-site and street parking available. When we finish construction, you will find that we have reserved stalls for visitors and for mobility access, nice and close to the front door. 

What about my kids?

The safety and happiness of your children is our top priority. We have a children's program staffed with caring and dedicated volunteers. Kids from 3-11 years old are dismissed from the main service so they can experience the fun and educational lessons prepared for them. If you prefer to keep your children with you during service, they are totally welcome to stay.

What about babies?

We have a nursery room just a few steps away from the auditorium where you will find a change table, rocking chair and supplies for babies and toddlers. Thanks to our sound system and one-way glass, you can have baby time when it's needed and still see and hear what's happening in the auditorium, too.

How can I get connected?

Lots of ways! There is a contact link at the top of every page of this website that sends an e-mail to our Connections team. You can call or text "church" to us at 306.779.1084 to be sent our connection link. During events, the friendly people at the welcome area can help with anything you need.