Welcome to Way of Life Church!

We are committed to being good neighbours. If you are in need of help at this difficult time, please contact us. We are here to listen to you, to pray with you or to assist with needs that you have. Volunteers are available to help pick up medicine or groceries if you are unable to get out. (See contact information at the bottom of the page.)


The "Way" that we live is the way that Jesus taught. Many people wonder if such ancient teaching is still relevant today. It definitely is! Our weekly service is at 10:30 Sunday morning. You can register to attend in person or watch on our YouTube channel. Each message explores real life issues and questions. Each one shows how knowing Jesus helps you live your best life. And each week we offer ways for people to connect.

Way of Life is a group of people who have had our lives transformed and energized by learning that there really is a God. We have experienced the love and grace of his son, Jesus. We are leaning on his Spirit for guidance.

As we do that we strive to follow two key commands Jesus gave to his followers: to love our neighbours and to share his way with them.