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As many of you know, churches are now allowed to have in-person services, providing they meet all the spacing and sanitary protocols set out by SK Health. Some churches are in the process of opening and others have decided to wait until September. At Way of Life we haven't yet set a re-open date.

While we haven't met physically since March, we continue to be the church to the best of our ability. We are still supporting those in need, still offering counselling, on-line services, weekly chats and Bible study. We expect it will take a month or two to finish preparin our new auditorium and getting occupancy approved. At that time we will work to re-start Sunday morning gatherings, and we'll be sure to keep everyone posted.

We thank all of you that have been part of our on-line experience and encourate you to reach out with any questions you have or any needs you think we can help with.